Video Tutorials: Download, Install and Run Rickrack on Windows, Linux and macOS

Rickrack is a versatile and free color palette generator available across cross platforms. It allows you to effortlessly generate a collection of harmonious colors from the color wheel, images or various sources. These vibrant color combinations can be shared with friends or seamlessly integrated into your creative projects. Furthermore, Rickrack enables you to export color palettes as individual files, which can be easily imported into popular software applications like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Krita, Pencil 2D, and Clip Studio Paint. Whether you’re using Windows, Linux, or macOS, Rickrack ensures smooth functionality on your preferred operating system.

视频教程:在 Windows、Linux 以及 macOS 上下载、安装并运行焰火十二卷

焰火十二卷是一款跨平台免费的调色板生成器软件。它能够轻松地从色轮、图像或其他来源生成一组和谐的色彩。这些充满活力的色彩组合可以与朋友分享,也可以无缝地应用于你的创意项目中。此外,焰火十二卷还允许你将色彩调色板导出为独立的文件,方便地导入到流行的软件应用程序中,如 Adobe Photoshop、GIMP、Krita、Pencil 2D 和 Clip Studio Paint。无论你使用的是 Windows、Linux 还是 macOS,焰火十二卷都能确保在你偏爱的操作系统上平稳运行。

What's New in Rickrack v2.7.26: Enhanced Features and Improved Performance

Rickrack is a free and practical color editor. It can generate a set of harmonious colors to enhance your creativity. You can easily share these colors with others or apply them to your own works. It also provides a convenient way to store your favorite color palettes and retrieve them whenever needed. Additionally, you can export color palettes and color libraries as separate documents to share with friends or import into other software such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Krita, Pencil2D, and Clip Studio Paint. Developed using PyQt5, Rickrack is stable on mainstream operating systems like Windows and Linux.

The latest version of Rickrack, v2.7.23, fixes known issues and introduces new features to enhance your experience.

焰火十二卷 v2.7.26 更新内容:增强功能和提升性能

焰火十二卷是一款免费且实用的色彩编辑器。它能够生成一组和谐的色彩,让你的创作更加精彩。你可以轻松分享这些色彩给他人,或者应用到自己的作品中。还可以方便地存储喜欢的色彩组和色板,并在需要时随时使用。此外,你还可以导出色彩组和色彩仓库为独立的色彩文档,与好友分享,或者导入到其他软件中,如 Adobe Photoshop、GIMP、Krita、Pencil2D 和优动漫 Paint 等。焰火十二卷使用 PyQt5 开发,能够在 Windows 和 Linux 等主流操作系统上稳定运行。

最新的焰火十二卷 v2.7.26 版本修复了已知问题,并增加了新功能。

Import Palettes into Photoshop, Krita, Clip Studio Paint, Pencil2D and GIMP

In the digital era of creative design, the color palette has emerged as an essential tool for designers. It possesses the ability to enhance the visual appeal and coherence of any artwork. If you’re in search of an outstanding color palette software, look no further than Rickrack! This feature-rich software offers a wide array of color blending capabilities, suitable for diverse design scenarios. With Rickrack, you can effortlessly generate a collection of harmonious colors from the color wheel or various sources. Moreover, you have the convenience of exporting them as individual files and importing them into popular software applications like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Krita, Pencil 2D, and Clip Studio Paint.

将色板导入 Photoshop、Krita、优动漫 Paint、Pencil2D 以及 GIMP 中

在创意设计的数字时代,调色板已经成为设计师不可或缺的工具。一个良好的调色板可以使设计更具吸引力和协调性。如果你正在寻找一款优秀的调色板软件,那么毫无疑问,焰火十二卷吧就是为你而设计!这款功能丰富的软件提供各种色彩混合功能,适用于各种设计场景。你可以使用焰火十二卷轻松地从色轮、图像或其他来源生成一组和谐的色彩。此外,你还可以方便地将它们导出为单独的文件,并导入到诸如Adobe Photoshop、GIMP、Krita、Pencil2D 和优动漫 Paint 等流行软件应用中。

Rickrack (Color Palette Generator) Achieves HiDPI Compatibility on macOS

The Retina screen, introduced by Apple at WWDC in 2010, is a high-density pixel screen known for its exceptional display quality. To enhance the visual experience on Retina screens, Apple implemented HiDPI (High Dots Per Inch) technology. HiDPI technology renders images at twice the resolution and then downscales them to the original resolution, resulting in sharper and more detailed images.

Update Information for Rickrack v2.7.26: The latest update of Rickrack now includes compatibility with HiDPI mode on macOS. This means that Rickrack’s interface and graphics are optimized to appear crisp and clear on Retina screens, providing an enhanced user experience for macOS users.

焰火十二卷(调色板软件)现已兼容 macOS HiDPI 模式

Retina 屏幕是由苹果在 2010 年的 WWDC 上推出的高像素密度屏幕,以其出色的显示质量而闻名。为了提升在 Retina 屏幕上的视觉体验,苹果采用了 HiDPI(高每英寸点数)技术。HiDPI 技术以两倍的分辨率渲染图像,然后将其缩放回原始分辨率,从而产生更清晰、更详细的图像。

焰火十二卷 v2.7.26 更新信息:最新版本的焰火十二卷现在支持 macOS 上的 HiDPI 模式。这意味着焰火十二卷的界面和图形经过优化,可以在 Retina 屏幕上显示清晰明亮,为 macOS 用户提供更出色的用户体验。

The Way to Change The Interface Language of Rickrack to English

Rickrack v2.7.26 supports multiple languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, etc., and the default language can be selected according to the system language. Rickrack’s automatic selection of the default language works fine on both Windows and Linux.

However, on macOS, this code does not work and redirects the default language to Norwegian. The reason is that the return result of running “locale.getdefaultlocale()[0]” on macOS is “None”, and the first two characters “no” after stringification correspond to the abbreviation of Norwegian. After modification, its default language is English, and no better solution has been found yet.


焰火十二卷 v2.7.26 支持多种语言,包括中文、英文、日文等,并且可以根据系统语言选择默认语言。焰火十二卷自动选择默认语言的功能在 Windows 上和 Linux 上均可正常工作。

然而, 在 macOS 系统上,这段代码却无法正常工作,会将默认语言重定向到挪威语上。其原因在于,macOS 上运行“locale.getdefaultlocale()[0]”的返回结果是“None”,字符串化后取前两个字符“no”正好对应于挪威语的简写。修改后其默认语言为英文,暂时没有找到更好的解决方案。