Rickrack is a free and open-source color palette generator. It provides various functionalities to generate a harmonious set of colors, offering you better color combination options. You can easily obtain the desired color combinations through color wheel selection, color picking from images, and more. You can apply these colors to your own creations or share them with others.

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In the digital creative era, color palettes have become essential tools for designers. A great color palette can give artworks greater appeal and better harmony. If you're searching for an outstanding color palette generator, give Rickrack a try! It is a feature-rich color palette generator that provides various color combination functionalities suitable for a wide range of design scenarios. Rickrack is user-friendly and accessible for both professional designers and beginners, allowing you to unleash your creativity effortlessly. Most importantly, Rickrack is completely free, ready to use without the need for internet connection or registration. Download Rickrack and let your designs shine with vibrant and dazzling colors like fireworks!

Core Features of Rickrack: Color Collection and Storage


Create a set of colors from the color wheel.


Pick-up a set of colors from an image.


Generate a color palette from the color set.


Store the color set and palette into depot.

New Experience in Using Rickrack

Concise Interface

A simple and user-friendly interface. Provide multiple color collection and storage tools for easy access, and automatically save the status from the last exit.

Color Collection Rule

Support multiple color collection rules within the color theory, including gradient colors, contrasting colors, similar colors, monochromatic colors, etc.

Color Palette Format

Support multiple color palette formats that can be switched freely, including Adobe Swatch, GIMP Swatch, Pencil Swatch formats, etc.

Language and Platform

Supports multiple international languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, etc., and can run normally on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Free Download Rickrack and Create Your Own Color Palettes!

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More Information About Rickrack

Rickrack consists of two parts: the software and the modules. The software serves as the main tool for generating and managing colors. It offers a wide range of features that allow you to easily create, edit, and save color palettes. The modules of Rickrack are designed to dynamically access the colors within the software and integrate with other modules like Matplotlib and Turtle for drawing graphics and charts. This combination provides you with more color choices and flexibility for your drawing and visualization projects. Whether it's design works or data visualization, Rickrack offers you abundant color schemes to create astonishing and remarkable creations.

Text and Video Tutorials: Installing, Running and Using

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